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Meguro, Tokyo

Neartest station : Toritsudaigaku  都立大学 ( Toyoko-line 東横線)This is a next station of JIYUGAOKA station 自由が丘駅.It is  about 10 minutes from SHIBUYA 渋谷駅.

080 3157 7878

Group of White Flowers


Ikebana Artist

  A Certificated instructor of Sougetsu School of Ikebana

  (one of the top Ikebana schools in Japan)

Hiromi, the founder of Hiromi`s Ikebana is a trained Sogetsu Flower arrangement teacher who has been practicing and teaching for 17 years in Japan, England and USA. She has exhibited her works at Sougetsu Ikebana show in Tokyo and London. She is passionate about teaching and continues to develop her own artistic style through various exhibition projects.

Having educated in Japan but lived in countries such as UK, Turkey and USA, she has developed a deeper appreciation for Japanese flower arrangement and Japanese culture. 

While attending the Univesity of Sacred Heart in Tokyo, Hiromi started to practice Ikebana under Kumiko Katou, who is one of the most renowned pupils of Hiroshi Teshigahara, the third president of Sogetsu IKebana School. As Kumiko Kato' assistant for 15 years, Hiromi worked on various flower settings for TV show and arrangements for exhibition projects. After Hiromi moved to London, UK, she started to work as an instructor of Sogetsu Ikebana School and taught private Ikeana lessons through word of mouth. While living in Michigan, USA, she had the opportunity to teach students from various backgrounds and age in English, and continues to teach in both English and Japanese after she moved back to Japan. 

Hiromi believes that Ikebana is not just a  way of arranging flowers - it is a spiritual act. It is like meditation where the flowers are placed to give power, balance, and positive energy. It is a process in which you can reflect upon yourself while expressing your creativity at the same time. Hiromi wishes to meet students of all backgrounds and age to teach and spread the beauty of Ikebana. 


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